We started working on this page on 03/12/2011, and work in progress.

  1. Use BatchFTP as automated back up tool.

  2. Peter is a website administrator, Peter wants that all of his websites should be auto backed up everyday in night. Peter can relax, because once Peter created a batch of all files and folders that he want to back up from server. He can schedule the batch to run automatically every night. Note Peter can also pick from bunch of smart overwrite options available. For example overwrite if there is difference in size, or if there is difference in time stamp and so on. Note Peter can select parent folder only, any files that were found or created later on within that folder will be automatically backed up.

  3. Pulling all images from a websites under all directory.

  4. John who is an end user, wants to download all files of a certain type from a FTP server inside all directory. He can easily do with few clicks with BatchFTP. Simply create batch file with FTP server, select the main folder to download. Select filters to use for, add as many as you need. For example *.jpg, *.png *.gif *.bmp and so on.  Now either you start the batch for one time download, or schedule it so that BatchFTP will download anytime a new file of that types shows up on the server. Note that same can be done not just for download but also for upload. BatchFTP works exactly same way both for download and for upload.

  5. Share FTP server information without sharing password.

  6. Let say you want to share something (files or folder) from your FTP server, so that your friends and co-workers can download it. All you do is create a batch file with FTP information and chose encrypted option for password. Save the batch file and pass it on to friends/co-workers. All they have to do is simply double click the batch file. Batch file will be opened in BatchFTP and it will be auto connected to FTP server. Note that your friends/co-worker needs to have BatchFTP installed.