BatchFTP Features

Self generates XML script:
Intuitive GUI which generates XML scripts for repetitive file transfer tasks. For example simply drag & drop files from one view to another and they are automatically added to the script. Any settings for a FTP server automatically is added to the script. You never have to manually edit script file so they are less error prone to human errors.Scripts can be scheduled to auto run at later time.

A good windows citizen, consistent GUI:
BatchFTP provides uniform and consistent GUI. Close resemblance to WINDOWS style of presentation. Site manager, scheduling & history support are just like your internet browser. Drag & drop operations, toolbars, context sensitive menus & help, tool tips, friendly keyboard mapping ensures that you get to work according to your best habits. Consistent UI for both Local and Remote computers. Last 10 accessed servers always on the drop down toolbar.

Bulk file transfer in batch:
You can browse through various folders at local and remote computer to first create a file transfer batch. And once you are ready, you can immediately start the file transfer or schedule it for later time. Existing batches can be refreshed to reflect any new file/folders. Refreshing combined with scheduling makes it a perfect choice for backup or monitoring a site/computer for new files/folder. Batch files are smart and autonomous, they update themselves if any folder/files added or removed after the batch was created. So you never have to manually add or remove items later, refresh options automatically does that.

Password protection:
BatchFTP can save password in the batch file. You have options to either save as plain text, or encrypted, or rather not, but prompt for password during connections.
If you are a web dev company, when a site goes alive you can simply create a batch with plain text password and simply pass the HTML links to your clients.

Many convenient and unique features for Batch file transfer:
For example you can choose option to delete source file after transfer. Backup destination file before overwriting, disable/Enable log file generation, shutdown computer when done, close BatchFTP when done etc.

Variety of Smart Overwrite choices:
BatchFTP provides powerful and smart overwrite feature which selectively overwrites destination files based on various criteria like date and size. You also have options to overwrite everytime or no overwrite anytime.

Also support pause & resume and Passive mode:
If file transfer is aborted for some reason, BatchFTP automatically resumes the file transfer from the point of failure. Passive mode works well for the users who are behind firewall.

File filters:
File filters are another great and unique feature offered by BatchFTP. It allows you to apply a set of filters on the batch which can be used to either include or exclude files that follow certain filtering criteria. For example you can specify to include or exclude all files that follow these list of criteria together in one setting: Foo*.ch.txt, MyZipFile.?t?, HiThere*.exe, *.cpp, *.htm. etc etc.

Site manager:
It’s like index of FTP servers you connect often. If you know how to organize and add favorites on Internet Explorer then you already know how to do it in BatchFTP. We keep our word. we always strive to make your life simpler.

Once a batch is created you can schedule it for a one time run or a recurring run. BatchFTP is fully integrated with task scheduler. If you are aware of using WINDOWS Task Scheduler then you don’t have much to learn to scheduling the batch files. It’s nothing but another task to schedule from Task Scheduler perspective.

History support:
Whether you are changing directories or entering a FTP URL, BatchFTP gives you the option of type ahead functionality. It will look in to previous history and provide the best guess for what you are trying to type.

Create live HTML links:
Batch files (.bch) can be linked to HTML pages. The real beauty lies here. You can simply add a link to batch file on your website. All that needs to be done is to click the link and see how the control flows on it’s own.Clicking the link initiates BatchFTP which in turn automatically connects to the FTP server and which readily displays the list of items. Now you simply click start at your own comfort.
You can create a batch with encrypted password that has list of items to transfer from your computer. You can put this link on internet. Now your friends can click the link and get the items you want them to from your computer, without you sharing your password with them.

Logs only relevant information:
BatchFTP logs only the relevant information which makes sense to the user. we filter down the FTP protocol relevant information. For example it is more important for a user to know when file transfer started and ended. Log file contains information which is more user oriented.Unlike other FTP clients we never overwhelm our users with wierd messages such as sending STORE command which seems to be Greek and Latin to many users.

Supports ASCII and Binary file transfer modes.

UNIX server links are presented with different icons.

CHMOD change file permissions on UNIX servers.

Change drives using Hot-Keys. So Ctrl+Shft+C for c:\, Ctrl+Shft+D for d:\ and so on.

Command line options to launch from your custom scripts.

Auto retry on disconnect.

Consistent recursive folder delete on both Local & Remote PCs.

View detailed directory info.

Auto versus batch mode, comfort for both communities.

Hides completely to system tray if needed.

Guided 60 seconds tour for new users.

Auto check for update when new version is available.