BatchFTP Testimonials from CNET

Small to Medium Enterprise Programmers’ Tool 
Pros: I have been using BatchFTP for approximately 3 years. I also have about 5 other FTP programs that I have at various times used. If you are serious about efficiency while you work, usability that doesn’t demand learning for hours to save minutes, then this is the ULTIMATE tool to save you time. Migrate WEBSITES, databases, virtually anthing, via an easy to schedule interfact which DOES what it says it does, minus the FRUSTRATION. 
Cons: The biggest CON is not having this. If you are sick and tired of WS-FTP, Leech, and all the free *****, try something that makes your life sooooo much easier. Click, and walk away, and it works for hours by itself if need by, WITHOUT HANGING.”: Paul J. Richardson

“Outpass many highly paid software”

What else you expect from a great software, which is well supported too. Creating batch and scheduling batches to run at later time is the best thing and easiest thing I found here. I need to transfer hundreds of files every day. BatchFTP can automate it and I only check once and while to see if everything is working. I have not found a single instance when it failed. I will highly recommend this piece of software for those who move around files from one computer to another” – Web Master

BatchFTP is just the perfect utility that I have found. The GUI is designed to make things a lot easier compared to other expensive FTP utilities out there. To those buying other FTP utilities… STOP AND GET THIS ONE… you will not be disappointed. The integration with the Windows Task Scheduler gives you the peace of mind when you have to go off-site or just on vacation. One other thing that would be nice to have is to incorporate e-mail functionality to monitor success or failure. Since ISP’s as we all know do sometimes lose connectivity, having an e-mail notification probably complete the package. This would make me go fishing more often instead of staying in front of the monitor. 

Thanks to all the developers who worked on this. Life just doesn’t get much easier. I can’t wait to tell my colleagues how I bagged the big one! – [email protected]

“Best FTP program i know…”
“I have used many kinds of FTP upload programs, but this certainly is the best: very easy to use, a nice graphic interface and doesn’t fail uploading. This program is certainly better than CoreFTP, WS-FTP and others, they always gave me some kind of error. Well done “- Carlo Bernardini

“I have tried several other FTP clients, and although there are better FTP clients out there (very few though), this is by far the best. So unless you’re willing to pay some huge cash for FTP clients with features you will probably never use, 
get BatchFTP.”- Timothy

“Excellent FTP Program”

“This program does exactly what it is supposed to do…and much much more!”
“BatchFTP works great, its probably the best FTP client out to date. It is much easier to use than WS_FTP, has all the features most people need in an FTP client, and is very stable” – Scott W <[email protected]>

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