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BatchFTP Value advantage

Screenshots You get:
+ Two activation codes.
+ Two years of free upgrades.
“We downloaded around 45 and tried at least 20 FTP clients before running into BatchFTP. No one beats features and quality paierd with the price. Great support from the team, fabulous GUI.” – Josh Olsey. Testimonials, CNET Reviews.

Key features

  • Self generates XML script for repetitive tasks.
  • Full automations for backup or bulk FTP.
  • Almost no manual intervention.
  • Strong password protection.
  • Favorites/Site manager.
  • Fully integrated with task scheduler.
  • Intuitive UI, drag & drop, autocompletion.
  • Many smart overwrite options.
  • Auto launch anti virus.
  • Change file properties on server (CHMOD).
  • History support.
  • Change packet size for bandwidth optimization.
  • File filters for file transfers & browsing.
  • Supports Big/Small Icon view.
  • Command line support for scripting.
  • Browse and transfer together.
  • Session tracking and logging.
  • UNIX links support.
  • Auto & Batch mode.
  • Customizable hot keys.
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Recommanded as Backup tool

Abandon those painful manual ways of taking backup of websites or databases to or from a remotely hosted computer. You should consider automating this with BatchFTP. Once you created and scheduled the batch, it will auto sync your computer with remote computer on timely basis without any manual intervention. Remote computer could be hosted locally or anywhere on the internet.

BatchFTP Uniqueness

  • Create a session file and pass it on to anybody. Session file can also have files list to transfer.
  • Password encryption.
  • Two modes of operation, auto mode & batch mode.
  • Provides per session settings. Each batch file represent one FTP server. Simply open the Batch file for server you want to connect to.
  • Each batch file remember it’s home directory, it’s local directory and other settings for that FTP server. So as soon you double click a batch file you are ready to work.
  • Working with many FTP server is nothing but having many batch files.